Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to bulid a tent

Equipment you will need:
18 Pegs
1 Hammer
3 Poles
3 Guy Ropes
Interior secure
inner tent


1. Firstly you will need to take out the tent and the fly (the fly is wrapped up inside of the tent) and then lay it out on the grass.

2. Secondly take out the pegs and the poles. Next put any equipment you are not using aside by the bag

3. Grab four of the pegs from the bag. After that grab the hammer and hammer in the pegs into the eyelitt, make sure the pegs are on a 45 degree angle(so they wont come out). When you are hammering insure that you pull the corners tightly and then hammer them in.
Then repeat this on every corner.

4. Connect the poles then see which one is longer. When you find the 2 longer poles , put it over the tent and clip it in on to the second eyelit . After the poles are over , there is a string and you must tie it to the center of the poles

5. You then put the fly(cover on the outside of the tent)on top of it and put the door in the right place. When that is finish you insert the last pole in to the front of the tent.

6.When you are finished inserting the pole you have to repeat the way you put it in before and remember to put it back the on a 45c angle.

7.Then your tent will be done and ready to sleep in!

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