Thursday, March 15, 2012

Camp Highlight

Camp was FANTASTIC! All the activities were challenging, enjoyable, entertaining and most importantly fun. On the last day of camp we went to the Lagoon (Swimarama). I jumped in the pool for a swim. The felt as if it was frozen, but I was just exaggerating, it still was cold though.
I smiled to Selena(friend) as my teeth were chattering, 1...2...3... Me and Selena dunk our heads under the water to get ourselves wet, as we popped back up I felt like I was swimming in the Antarctic waters.

The day was still young so I decided I better pop out for a minute or two before my buns shiver off. As I was walking back to the pool I couldn't spot my friends...Suddenly they all popped out of the water as their hair flicked all over the place.

As I was jumping back in a group of men arrived, their was a rumour going around saying that they were the Warriors, I was gobsmacked. "NO It can't be", later as they got closer I could identify them , and it was the Warriors. I wasn't really amazed because I have my own little team I go for. Unlike everybody else cheering with joy and getting hyped I was just in my little corner at the end of the of the pool.

As the day died out, I enjoyed the rest of the day. It was truly an AMAZING day, after all it was my birthday.

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  1. So the Warriors came to your birthday party!! What a lucky girl :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed Camp so much.
    Mrs Nua


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