Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Highlights-Day 1

Camp is today, I said in my head full of excitement. As I entered the hall with my heavy baggage, I could already see people enjoying themselves. With the noise of laughter passing my ears, I was trying to find my friends, luckily I found them.

We started off with a activity called Box Fit. It was an exercise that included mainly boxing, running and co-operating. To start off we had a few intense relays, to start our bodies pumping. Secondly we learnt some defence skill which included boxing, boxing included things like a left hook and a few boxing combo’s, I swung my very first left hook at the pads Jay-lee was holding. Soon after that we were done and ready to move on to our tent building.

Tent building was also intense, everyone wanted the biggest tent so they could have more space to themselves . My tent I choose to put up wasn't the biggest or smallest, but I really wasn't fussy, I was glad I got a tent. I smiled knowing my tent was there for me tonight. The nine girls in my team(including me) built around 6 tents, it was quite easy to build a tent having the advantage of having 9 girls helping each other. So we finished those 6 tents and with a grin I said I'm hungry.

I cant wait until tomorrow for camp. Enjoying more FUN activities, learning new things as we proceed to each activity.

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