Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writing Sample - Picnic

“Heads up!”, Toreka(friend) shouted, the ball had flown past my face. My school(PES) was having their annual picnic at our newly renovated reserve. The sky was quite dim, but that didn’t stop me and my friends from playing a little game of Volleyball.

‘SMASH’, the ball had a roll in to the beach. Various people tried retrieving the ball,”Don’t TOUCH the ball”, My friends shouted. The ball had been retrieved, but not in the state we had left it in. Selena(friend) had walked off to find a spot on the fresh,green grass, then we(Thora,Mubasshira,Toreka,Selena,Athena and Sylvia) all followed along.

There wasn't much energy in us, but certainly lots of energy to demolish our food. “Hahahahahahah guess what I got”, Selena said with a cheeky little grin on her face,”What”, we replied...Minutes had passed and Selena still didn’t reply,rather odd I thought. “Ahhhhrg”, Mubasshira screamed, a bee flew past her. "Hahahhahhah", me and Sylvia laughed.

We had got a hold of a softball, so we started playing around with it.
Yet again the ball had flown right past my face touching my nose, I turned around and there TT(typical Toreka)with a grin on her face.”Are you MAD”, I shouted, “YOU could have hit my face”, I said with a rather friendly tone, she then replied,”Im Sorry Mino”, “Yeah,yeah thats what they all say”, I replied with a cheeky smirk on my face.

I grinned at my accomplice Sylvia, with a sinister look in my eyes I threw the softball up in to the air. “hahahahhahahah”, I laughed trying to cover up the embarrassment of my throw .

The sky suddenly went dim, “What odd weath”, just when I was about to finish off my sentence it started to rain,”You’ve got to be joking me”, I shouted.”THIS is Madness”, I said, but the picnic was FANTASTIC!

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